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Welcome to the homepage of Get REKT Soundboard, the most feature packed soundboard on the App Store!

About Get REKT Soundboard

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Get REKT Soundboard

About Get REKT Soundboard



Get REKT Soundboard is an MLG Soundboard containing the most amount of dank Internet memes, gaming highlight sounds, and now even the best sounds from Vine, all 100% free, no in-app purchases, just sweg, and lots of it.


Get REKT Soundboard was made from scratch, and to support further development of the app, and to fund some new exciting planned features, Get REKT Soundboard is ad supported. In future versions of the app, popup ads will be added, but for a reason in mind: Oddcast, the maker of the text-to-speech (TTS) robot voices found in most montage parodies, will license unlimited use of its meme power to apps for a premium. The goal of the new ads in version 1.420 of GRSB is to fund this feature. Click on the dank button below to read more.

Development team


Jared Ebenstein

Lead Quickscoper

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